Lounge Seating

An electric green seat and back and modern molded black or white frame give this lounge chair a contemporary look. Pair it with a gray or white reception desk and marvel at the first impression you make! Available in different fabric options as well.


Lounge Seating in a Room

This modern bench offers different fabric choices and padded seating, as well as sleek chrome U legs to elevate the design.


These ultra-modern guest chairs feature luxurious offwhite vinyl, beautiful wood accents, and a perfect blend of contemporary shapes with interesting cutouts.


Have a unique space to work with? Consider modular seating. This set features single pieces you can arrange however you need and just add arms on the end!


Lounge Seating in a room

This curved modular sofa offers a modern shape and comfortable seating, with customizable units and the ability to add tables or work space wherever necessary.


Lounge Seating in a room

This lounge series offers padded ottomans to complement the matching seating. Completely modular and customizable, this seating is sure to work in any space.


With an eye-catching mix of pattern and color, this modular seating is the essence of today’s reception areas.


Lounge Seating near a Table

Modular gray and black lounge seating are a classic option for statement flooring or paint color.

Featuring a modern angular back and gray vinyl, this lounge seating is a great option for modern reception areas and casual meeting spaces.


Lobby area in front of windows

With the option of a removable arm, this guest chair can be used in twos or just one, as pictured.


More Lounge Seating


Gray Seating in Lounge Area

Gray quilted fabric and a square shape create this lounge furniture staple. Lounge seating is also available in black.


Small lobby area

A caged silver frame and square shape contemporize this black vinyl seating, which can be paired with almost any style of accent furniture.


Two toned gray fabric seating gives a modern understated look to this modular lounge seating, in case you have a statement piece that you want to stand out.


Module seating in lobby area near window

Blending lounge furniture can create an updated look to any space. Here, light gray chairs accent classic gray and black modular seating.


Curved module seating

Creating curves in a wide open space can update the feeling of an area. Here, modular seating was used for this look.


Module seating in front of wall

Gray and black seating looks amazing against an accent wall, as pictured. For instance, use your main company color on the wall and accent it with neutral lounge seating.


Two toned seating in lobby area

This line of modular seating also included padded ottomans as accent furniture for an alternative to a coffee table.


Waiting room with vinyl seating

Arranging modular lounge seating in groups of four can create distinction in a larger space and still allows individual seating.


Black Vinyl Seating in Lobby

Accent classic black lounge seating with white tables.


Black Vinyl Seating in Lobby Area

Using sides tables that have shelving creates a bit more storage space without sacrificing style.


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Brown Seating in Lounge Area

Accent brighter colors with a warm tan in a sleek vinyl for this contemporary lounge space.


Lounge area with different types of seating

Use streamlined seating with storage and tables in the same color to create a modern look to a space. Cabinetry can be used to accent wall mounted monitors.


Teal chairs in open room

Add a pop of lime green to an otherwise gray space to focus on your lounge seating.


Two toned lounge seating

Gray and black seating can be used against a statement wall to accent without overwhelming.


White Vinyl Seating in Lounge Area

Create a light contemporary look by pairing gray and black lounge seating with glass and chrome side tables.


White Seating in Open Area

Use guest chairs as a focal point in a spacious lounge seating area.


Black Vinyl Seating in Lounge Area

Featuring a modern angular back and black vinyl, this lounge seating is a great option for modern reception areas and casual meeting spaces.


Still looking for the perfect chair? Here are some other styles we recommend: