Professional Services

Space Planning/Design

At Front Desk Office Furniture, we understand that you want an office space you can be proud of. That’s why our talented design staff is on hand to assist you in perfectly planning and furnishing your new space. We’ll take the time to get to know you and help you select furniture and finishes that reflect the essence of your business, along with helping to plan the best layout for your space.

Whether we work directly for you or in tandem with your design and architectural teams, we never lose focus of the goals you want to achieve. So come on in, and let’s plan your dream space together. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.

Relocation Management

Is there anything better than relaxing at the end of a job well done? Moving to a new space doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let us take the worry out of your next move with our streamlined, stress-free process. We’ll make sure all your questions are answered and you have all the tools you need to feel comfortable making decisions about your move.

When you partner with Front Desk Office Furniture, you can skip right to the relaxation phase, knowing our extensive preparations, planning, and coordination will ensure your move is completed with ease. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.


Sometimes, we all need a little change. Expanding, downsizing, or reworking your space means you’ll need to make changes to your furniture, too. But where do you start? Our knowledgeable staff can provide all the expertise you need, from planning and design to project management and installation. We’ll also collaborate with other trades as needed to ensure a smooth and successful process.

We understand that decisions about furniture aren’t just based on aesthetics. You need an office space that feels comfortable, looks great, and makes it possible to maximize your productivity. Now, just imagine how amazing you’re going to look and feel sitting at your glossy new desk, and let us take care of the rest. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.

Asset Liquidation

Relocating or downsizing often means you’re left with excess office furniture, and we know you have more important things to focus on than what you’re going to do with a bunch of furniture you no longer need. Fortunately, Front Desk Office Furniture is here to take that burden off your shoulders.

We’ll help you liquidate your unneeded furniture in a timely and cost-effective manner. And you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to keep as much of your unused furniture as possible out of the landfill. Our staff are committed to making the process easy and stress-free for you, so we’re also available to help you decommission your space as required by your landlord. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.

New and Pre-Owned Furniture Purchase

Our helpful sales staff are eager to assist you with meeting your furniture goals. We genuinely love seeing our customers smile when they find the perfect fit. That’s why we always pay close attention to your needs.

The experienced staff at Front Desk Office Furniture know how to help you select the right furniture for your space, budget, style, and timeframe. We know that the right furniture can transform the look and feel of your entire office, and we want to be a part of giving you the wow factor you’ve been looking for. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.


Whether you need to furnish an entire office for a year or a temporary small office for a few months, Front Desk can assist you. Renting sometimes is a better alternative for your company. Front Desk can rent office furniture to fit your needs temporarily or assist in a lease to own option. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.



Project Management

When you have a new project to tackle, the last thing you want is conflict. You just want to get it done and enjoy the results. Our skilled team understands the importance of a cohesive process. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with your vendors and decision-makers to ensure your entire project is well managed, from schedules and budgets to the entire construction process.

We know how to work as an extension of your team, and we always pay scrupulous attention to detail to ensure your project is smooth and seamless. Your project should bring you excitement and anticipation, not stress and headaches. Let us tackle the details so you can look forward to celebrating your project’s completion! Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.

Delivery and Installation

We always encourage you to protect your investment with professional installation. It’s the best way to ensure your new furniture arrives safely and is installed perfectly. With our national network and highly-trained team of installers, you can be certain we have the skills and experience needed for your installation.

At Front Desk Office Furniture, we know saving time and money is important to you, so we work in the most efficient manner possible. We want you to love your new furniture and feel comfortable with your new layout, so we always perform a walk through when your installation is complete. That way, we can be sure your new furniture is working properly for you, and you’re completely satisfied before we leave. Please call us for more information on liquidations at 214-904-9045.

No matter the size or complexity of your next project, our team is ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs.