Is Sitting Down the New Smoking?

We all know how unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and eating sugary foods are for us. Working from home causes many of us to become sedentary, sitting for hours at a time without pause. You may have even heard that sitting is as harmful as smoking. So what really happens to your body when you are sedentary? Here is how your office job could be harming your health.

Physical Dangers of Being Sedentary

Many Americans sit for at least seven hours per day at their jobs. Many leisure activities include even more sitting, and people may be sedentary for most of their waking hours each day. Cardiovascular disease is one of the dangerous health risks that daily sitting causes. Strokes and heart problems are a couple forms of cardiovascular disease that are increasingly common in today’s sedentary world. Sedentary habits also increase your likelihood of dealing with health conditions such as cancer, obesity, and osteoporosis. The seemingly innocent act of sitting all day is surprisingly dangerous for your health.

Poor Mental Health

Have you found yourself feeling gloomy or anxious lately? A sedentary lifestyle could rob you of your good mood. Anxiety, depression, and stress get worse for people who sit a lot. Being seated for too long is mentally unengaging and lowers your sense of well-being. If you do not exercise regularly, sitting can make you feel even worse than if you are active. Even if you work from home on your own schedule, make sure to get up once or twice each hour to stretch your legs and look away from your desk.

Exercise Cannot Undo Sedentary Health Risks

The most harmful aspect of a sedentary lifestyle is the length of time you stay seated. Even if you run, do yoga, or lift weights, sitting too much without a break will still harm you. This does not mean that exercise has no positive effects if you sit most of the day. Even fifteen minutes of moderate exercise a few times a week can improve your health. However, the best way to stay healthy is to pair regular exercise with standing breaks throughout your workdays.

How You Can Reduce Time Sitting

While remaining seated all day comes with many health risks, do not worry. You can work from home while keeping healthy. When you are working and unable to take a break anytime soon, an adjustable desk comes in handy. For 20 minutes each hour, increase your desk height to stand while working. As long as you make sure to take your breaks and work standing at intervals, you can stay fit and healthy.

While unhealthy sedentary habits and office work are often connected, they do not need to be. You can work remotely from home without sacrificing your health. With an ergonomic office chair for posture and an adjustable desk for standing, you can stay active and healthy in the office.

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5 Ways to Feel Better Physically at the Office

5 Ways to Feel Better Physically at the Office:

Discomfort and reduced flexibility are common side effects of sedentary work. If you are like most office workers, you have probably dealt with one or both of these issues at some point in your career.

Does working from home mean you have to accept feeling uncomfortable? Not at all. Here are five ways to feel better physically at the office.

1. Stretch Daily

Many people associate stretching with sports and athletics. However, light daily stretching is good for everyone regardless of how much you exercise. When you work seated all day, it’s easy for your muscles and joints to lose flexibility. When you lose limberness, you will feel uncomfortable and more likely to accidentally pull a muscle. Stretches that target your back, sides, upper body, and legs are essential for every office worker.

2. Take A Stand

Did you know that integrating standing into your workday is enough to fight chronic pain? Standing increases your blood circulation and keeps your joints and muscles limber. This is why standing desks have become popular among people who work from home. Sitting too much has many annoying effects, from stiffness and lethargy to chronic pain and illness. Functional desks with adjustable features are even better than standing-only desks. Instead of needing two desks in your office, you can change one adjustable desk’s level to accommodate sitting or standing work.

3. Replace Your Office Chair

Do you have back pain and a cheap office chair? Working from home should never be uncomfortable. Throw your old chair out the door and replace it with an ergonomic alternative. Chairs with an ergonomic design match the shape of your spine so that you can lean back and relax with excellent posture. Depending on which you prefer, you can get a chair with or without a headrest.

4. Optimize Your Computer Screens

Do you wish you could elevate your monitors to a more comfortable level? With a monitor arm, you can accomplish this easily. Monitor arms are versatile office accessories that enable you to angle your screens however you like. You can also adjust one or more monitors to the perfect height so that you do not hurt your neck looking down at them.

5. Untangle Electronic Wires

Are you sick of bending down for extended periods to fight with the seemingly endless tangles of charging cords? Unmanageable knots of wires are not just a figurative pain in the neck. They are also a safety hazard. If you have too many cords out, you might trip on them. Fortunately, there are solutions. An adjustable frame cover conceals all your charging cords neatly beneath your desk. You can also customize your office by adding a magnetic wire manager wherever it’s convenient.

Discomfort does not need to be a part of having an at-home office job. These five solutions will help you reach your goal of a comfortable working life.

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5 Home Office Design Trends to Consider in 2022











Office design trends are changing as more people switch to teleworking and self-employment.

Some popular office design trends are more than fads; they are proven to increase your productivity when working from home.

Here are five home office design trends to consider in 2022.

1. Natural Elements

Everyone knows that getting outdoors is healthy. However, when you are working full-time in your home office, you may not always have a chance to go outside.

Many home office workers are bringing the outdoors in by choosing wood-patterned furniture and keeping lush houseplants around the office. The calming shades of green and brown that you find in nature can help you feel healthier and happier as you work throughout the day. You can further improve your office by using thin curtains to let plenty of sunlight in during the day.

2. Minimalistic Design

Some people thrive best in their working lives with minimalistic design. Without any sharp designs or bright colors to distract you, you may find focusing on work to be more effortless. Neutral design can make an office feel more professional.

If you prefer a calm, simply decorated environment, a minimalistic design might suit you. 

Colors involved in simple design often include off-white walls with beige, wood-patterned, and black furnishing.

3. Ergonomic Furniture

There are many dangerous health problems that a sedentary lifestyle and poorly designed furniture can cause. These issues range from chronic pain to heart disease.

It’s no wonder so many office workers are throwing their old furniture out the door and upgrading to ergonomic alternatives. Adjustable desks and well-designed office chairs are taking over home offices all over the country.

Standing desks also make it convenient and easy to bring more movement and activity into a sedentary office.

4. Postural Enhancements

Besides keeping an ergonomic desk chair in your office, there are additional ways to help keep your spine comfortably straight.

Many of us find that we lean towards our desks and hunch our shoulders while concentrating hard. Remembering not to slouch is a lot easier said than done.

To solve this problem, office workers often use monitor arms to control the height of their screens.

Monitor arms can also rotate, so you can customize both the angle and height of your computer screens whenever you want.

5. Daring Colors

Since your home office is yours to furnish and decorate as you please, you can paint your walls any color you wish to. If you find that a sunny yellow would suit your home office best, you can repaint your walls at any time.

Different colors can affect your mood and productivity. For this reason, you will want to choose a paint that you will love to look at every day. 

If you find a solid color too dull, you can add pleasant design patterns or hang up artwork to add more vibrancy to your work environment.


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Why Colors in Your Workspace Are Important

Why Colors in Your Workspace Are Important

So it is time to repaint your home office. You are probably wondering which color or colors are your best choice.

The great thing about working at home is that you have full control over what paints to select. So how do you know which colors will enhance your concentration and productivity while you work?

Here’s why it is important to understand how colors can affect your job.

Blog Image Color

Neutral Colors Can Be Too Neutral

The effects colors have on your mood and productivity are universal. As with other colors, neutral shades such as black, white, and gray.

Black is obviously not a good choice for your home office, or any room in your house.

White, for instance, can make you feel like your office is too neutral. A bright white environment looks clean but does not feel welcoming.

So what are the best neutral colors that you could use? Certain shades of off-white can be perfect if you prefer a more neutral-looking office. Off-white promotes neutrality and focus without being harsh or unwelcoming.


Bright Colors Are High-Energy

Overly bright colors can be too intense for the office environment. For example, a vivid orange or red could make you feel rushed and under pressure. This could make you unable to concentrate fully on your job.

Does this mean bright colors should not have a place in the office at all? Not necessarily. A few brightly colored designs against a calmer color can add vibrancy to the environment without the stress.

Pale Or Deep Shades Are Calming

Instead of painting your office walls with an abundance of vivid color, try a deeper or paler tone.

Mild colors can add personalization and life to the room without urgency. Light shades of yellow, blue, teal, and lavender are some colors that can help you relax, concentrate, and maintain a good mood.

Brown in wood or wood-like patterns are conducive to a productive work environment. A deep, calming shade of brown mimics natural wood, which can help stay focused and in a good mood.

Specific Colors Enhance Certain Moods

Each color offers its own set of benefits. Green promotes balance, yellow fosters creativity, blue enhances focus, red stimulates excitement, purple contributes to reflection, pink is soothing, and orange feels fun.

In the right shades, many of these colors can enhance or put you in a certain mood. Colors that contribute to focus while also helping you feel calm are best for a home office environment.

Of course, the colors that are most pleasant to you are ideal. You definitely will want to have a beautiful office to return to happily each work day.


Now that you know how different shades of color can improve or detract from your home office, you will be well-equipped to make a choice.

Strategic color schemes along with office essentials such as ergonomic desks, chairs, and accessories will greatly improve your work environment.

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Lighting Matters: 4 Things You Should Know About Proper Workplace Illumination

Lighting Matters: 4 Things You Should Know About Proper Workplace Illumination

Proper lighting is a necessary part of working from home.

We need sufficiently bright computer screens and desk or ceiling lights to illuminate our work. But not all forms of light are equal. A light that is too bright or dim can make it harder to concentrate.

Here are four workplace lighting tips to consider for your home office.


    1. Reduce Harsh Lights

Have you ever developed a headache or sore eyes after sitting under a glaringly bright light? You’re far from the only one.

Harsh fluorescent or LED lights and even desktop or laptop screens that are too bright can cause migraines. LEDs and fluorescent bulbs emit blue light and can flicker either imperceptibly or visibly. These particular features can strain your eyes and trigger headaches.

While the sun also emits blue light, artificial light sources produce way more. Too much blue light may interrupt your sleep cycle, making you tired at work from insufficient rest.

Light sources that are less bright and do not flicker are better alternatives.


    2. Fix Dim Lighting

While you don’t want blindingly bright lights, poor illumination also affects your work.

If you look at bright monitors in a dimly lit room, you will probably experience more eyestrain. The contrast of bright screens against a dim room forces your eyes to work harder. Like bright lighting, 

When you work under artificial light, choose lights that are at a comfortable brightness level. If your lamp or ceiling light is getting dimmer, it is probably time for a replacement bulb.


    3. Take Advantage Of Natural Lighting

Using sunlight is one of the best workplace lighting tips to involve in your office setup.

It is not surprising that the sun produces the best light to brighten your home office. When you work in your own home, you don’t need to sit in a depressing windowless office; you can choose the best workplace yourself.

So how can you make the most of sunlight? Set up your office desk in a room with good windows. This way, you can use natural light to your advantage whenever it’s light outside.


    4. Choose Cool Lights Over Warm

While sunlight provides the perfect illumination for your home office, there are times you may be working in the dark.

If you are working late or early or during wintertime, you will need extra lights for your office. Two primary lighting types are considered cool or warm.

Warm lighting is yellow and will make you feel relaxed and comfy. This is great for downtime but might make you sleepy during work.

Cool light has a whiter appearance and includes blue light. Like sunlight, cool artificial light helps you stay alert, and productive.


Optimizing your office’s illumination with these four workplace lighting tips will help you be at your best while working. Not only will your work efficiency improve, but your office will also look much more cheery.

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Why More Office Workers Are Switching to Adjustable Desks

Why More Office Workers Are Switching to Adjustable Desks

Everyone knows that too much time being sedentary is harmful to your health. For this reason, many remote workers are choosing adjustable desks over both sitting desks and standing-only alternatives.

So what makes adjustable desks an integral part of your workplace setup? Here are the benefits that sit-stand desks will bring to your home office.


Makes It Convenient To Get Moving


Some people buy a standing desk and a sitting desk to switch between throughout the day.

However, it is not always convenient to have two desks in your home office. If it’s a small room, your office might end up too crowded. Two workspaces also mean double the clean-up when you are tidying your workspace.

That is why many office workers prefer adjustable desks. The ease of transitioning from standing to sitting is much less annoying than getting up to work somewhere else.


Adjusts To The Perfect Height


Have you ever found that regular desks are often at an awkward height? Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about a regular desk besides adjusting your chair’s height.

Instead, use an electric or manual adjustable desk to achieve your desired height for upright or seated work. When your desk can be however low or high you want it to be, your work days will be far more comfortable.


Enhances Your Posture


When it comes to your home office setup, even seemingly minor things can affect your posture.

Everyone who works at a desk knows what it’s like to deal with aches or chronic pain from a poor work setup. Fortunately, ergonomic furniture will help you work pain-free.

When taking standing breaks, muscles that were inactive from sitting will re-engage. Getting vertical will increase your blood flow and straighten your spine.


Increases Your Work Efficiency


Dealing with cramping and stiff muscles is a pain in the neck both literally and figuratively. Trying to get work done while experiencing pain or discomfort isn’t easy.

With the help of a standing desk, you can get onto your feet at intervals to straighten your back and stretch your legs while still working. When you’re comfortable and pain-free, you can direct all your energy into your job.


Helps You Lose Weight Faster


If you are trying to reduce your weight, you know how challenging it can be to juggle fitness goals and a sedentary job.

Did you know that you burn 40 to 70 more calories per hour while standing than you do when seated?

When you use an adjustable desk, you can burn more calories by standing for part of each workday. Getting on your feet more often, along with other healthy choices like an exercise routine and a nutritious diet, will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.


Adding an adjustable desk and a high-quality chair to your home office will help you be at your best while working.

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4 Tips to Decluttering Your Desk for Better Productivity

4 Tips to Decluttering Your Desk for Better Productivity

Man Packing Up his Desk

Is your desk flooded with random objects from papers and pens to receipts and rubber bands? We’ve all been there at some point.

Too much clutter can stress you out, impact your focus and dampen your mood. If you have been feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed while working, a messy office could be part of the reason.

Here are four easy desk organization tips to start clearing your office today.

Set A Timer

Do you feel hopeless when you look at haphazard stacks of books and magazines among other odds and ends? Messes can look discouragingly complicating, which causes many people to feel like cleaning up is a waste of effort.

To overcome this, try setting a timer for 1

0 or 20 minutes. As you put items back into their proper places and throw out old pens, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in just a few minutes.

You can make desk organization a habit by taking just five minutes each week to tidy up before clutter gathers.

Sort Items Into Groups

To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed, try separating objects into groups. For instance, put disposable things like scraps of paper into one box or garbage bag and recyclable objects in another.

When you sort your stuff into categories, cleaning up will become simple and far less stressful. You can start by getting rid of junk, removing recyclables, and then putting misplaced items back where they belong.

Get A File Cabinet

Loose papers are one of the top culprits to accumulating clutter. However, it is nice to keep important documents close by so that you can reference them as needed,

A slim pedestal file cabinet is an ideal tool for helping you keep your home office tidy. In addition to a drawer for files and folders, the top drawer includes a tray where you can store your extra pencils and pens. Small mobile file cabinets can sit in a corner or under your desk for tidiness and convenience.

Personalize Your Desk

Since your desk is the center of your workspace, keeping a clean, tidy desk is your top priority. After decluttering your desk, leave essentials such as your lamp, computer, and phone out and keep extra items and decorations to a minimum.

While a messy desk harms your productivity while working, a bare, sterile workspace can make your job feel dull and unstimulating. Keeping a plant, family photo, or an aesthetic ornament on your desktop is a way to add life to your work environment without cluttering it. With familiar, pleasant decorations around, your work experience will be enhanced.

It is all too easy to slowly accumulate random items on your desk. These four desk organization tips will help you begin tidying up.

Once you get started, decluttering is much easier than it looks. After you’re done, your office will be a space that promotes comfort and creativity.

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The Future of Office Furniture

The Future of Office Furniture

In recent decades, identical cubicles and minimalistic design features have been popular in offices around the country.

However, the tables are turning as workplace productivity research continues. Lively colors, personalized office design, modern accessories, and comfy furniture are taking over.

Here’s how office furnishing and design choices are evolving today.

Well-Lit Offices And Vivid Colors Are Preferred

Different colors mean different things to individuals. Company offices often feature colors that complement their brands, while remote workers decorate home offices however they want.

A color that is universally appreciated is white. White or other light shades of color keep rooms better lit, even in offices with small windows.

If you’ve ever lived or worked in a place with dark-colored walls, you know firsthand how dreary such an environment is.

The days of utilitarian offices void of personality are ending. Dull shades of grays and browns are vanishing. Now, bright whites and other light colors are taking over. Many workplaces are taking things a step further and adding colorful artwork and painting walls vivid colors. The trend of replacing dull office interiors with unique decor and colorful or unusual design choices has resulted in much brighter, more interesting workspaces.

Flexibility Is Encouraged

Sitting in one spot all day is an excellent way to become incredibly bored and unproductive at work.

It’s not just unexciting to stay unmoving at your desk. Remaining seated for hours leads to weak muscles and less flexible joints.

Standing is not just good for your body, but your mind as well. However, workers cannot always leave their desks for a break while busy.

For this reason, many workplace managers or self-employed individuals are choosing standing or adjustable desks.

Adjustable desks have the advantage of converting into either sitting or standing workstations. This way, you can adjust your desk to match your height and take a break from sitting whenever you want.

L-shaped desks are a popular shape for people who need a lot of desk room. These up-to-date furnishing choices include the extra functionality of built-in USB ports.

Posture Is A Priority

Have you noticed your back aching after sitting at your desk for a long time? Or have you been dealing with neck pain from looking down too much?

Many modern furnishing choices and accessories are specifically designed with this prominent concern in mind.

Ergonomic chairs with or without headrests keep your spine straight even while you lean back and relax. Monitor arms elevate computer screens so that you can keep your neck in a relaxed, unstrained position. Functional standing desks allow users to adjust them to an optimal sitting or standing height.

Physical health and the effects of office design on productivity are key aspects that drive workplace design and furnishing choices today.

A beautiful office is not just easy on the eyes when you walk in to start work each day. Personalized design, bright colors, ergonomic furniture, and collaborative workplaces continue to increase in popularity. 

Visit Front Desk Office Furniture today for high-quality chairs, desks, and office accessories.

Why Investing in Your Home Office Furniture Is Important

Why Investing in Your Home Office Furniture Is Important

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse

Home office furniture is an integral part of the work environment, even when your work remotely.

It’s a good idea to maintain a professional environment in your home for your job that is separate from the rest of your living space.

Here’s why getting top-quality furniture for your office is an investment in your career and health.

Influences Workflow

A designated aptly decorated workplace is essential to succeeding in self-employed or remote work. When you step out of areas such as your living room or the kitchen into a distinctive work office, your mind will seamlessly make the shift from relaxation to business mode.

If you lack a specific workspace and instead opt for areas such as your bedroom or the couch, this can disrupt your work-life balance. Too much overlap between your life and career makes it more difficult to relax during your downtime if you associate leisure areas with work. Careerwise, your work quality and overall productivity will suffer without firmer boundaries between your job and everyday home life. Plentiful distractions make uninterrupted focus difficult or even impossible.

You can create a home office by setting up a room with professional office furnishing choices such as an adjustable desk, a high-quality chair, and accessories such as file cabinets to store away papers and other items.

This way, it’s easier to focus on your work without any distractions.

Offers Flexibility

When you work from your computer or over the phone each day, hours of staying in one location is necessary.

Sitting too long can cause many health problems ranging from muscle and joint stiffness, chronic pain, and even increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Adjustable standing desks add much-needed flexibility to your usual sedentary working method by allowing you to elevate your desk to take a welcome break from sitting. Standing while working will promote more blood circulation, as you tend to change position more often on your feet than while sitting.

Determines Comfort 

A well-furnished office not only adds professionalism to your at-home workspace. It also contributes to your overall comfort, which helps you to complete your work without distraction.

The wrong furnishing choices such as a low-quality office chair or a desk that is too low will make work uncomfortable. Cheap or unsuitable choices of furniture will disrupt your workflow and cause health issues. Poor posture can lead to neck, shoulder, and back discomfort or even chronic pain.

When working a sedentary job, chairs that provide back support are a must. High-quality office chairs will prevent slouching and enable you to keep your spine comfortably aligned while you sit and work. Chairs with adjustable arms offer the added benefit of customizing to the height and position of your choice.

High-quality furniture lasts longer than poor-quality furnishing and enhances your work experience by increasing your comfort and focus. Getting the best home furniture for your office is a smart investment in your career.

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4 Myths About Standing Desks, Debunked

4 Myths About Standing Desks, Debunked

The popularity of standing desks and adjustable height desks has grown considerably over the years. As with any widespread movement, myths and misconceptions have clouded the truth about standing while working.

Here are four of the most common assumptions surrounding standing desks.

You Must Stand All Day For Health Benefits

A common misconception about standing while working is that you need to stand for eight hours or more to reap health benefits. In reality, standing without enough rest can have detrimental effects similar to those of a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s healthy to take breaks from standing by walking or sitting. Adjustable height desks are superior to standing desks, as you can change the height when you want to work sitting or standing. Adjustable height desks are also highly customizable and easy to set at the most comfortable levels for workers of various heights.

Standing While Working Causes Joint Pain

A common misconception is that working in front of standing desks will cause joint pain or fatigue.

Fatigue and pain are results of standing still without taking breaks or from working on a hard surface. Standing is beneficial for your health and productivity, although standing for hours at a time is counterproductive and causes problems.

These issues are easy to solve with frequent sitting breaks on a functional office chair that supports your back.

While you are standing, an anti fatigue mat helps cushion your feet against a hard floor to eliminate aches and discomfort.

Standing Is Just As Unhealthy As Sitting

At first glance, some people assume that standing at a desk is no healthier than sitting at one. After all, you are still not walking around whether you are sitting in a chair or not.

However, standing does offer considerable health benefits that sitting does not. Staying on your feet requires more muscle engagement, and you will likely move more by shifting from foot to foot while standing, adding some much-need circulation to your workday. It’s more natural for our bodies to spend more time standing and active than sitting still. It is also easier to keep good posture while on your feet instead of slumping back in a chair.

It’s Distracting To Be On Your Feet

Some people assume that standing is detrimental to work productivity, as it is more distracting than relaxing in a chair.

However, the opposite is true. When you sit for an entire workday, the lack of blood circulation and annoying sensations of discomfort or pain intrude on your workflow and decrease efficiency.

Getting on your feet after sitting for a while is a pleasant way to stretch your legs and refresh productivity without stagnating.

Many myths circulate on the internet and during in-person discussions regarding the effects and benefits of adjustable and standing desks. In truth, adjustable desks are an excellent addition to every at-home or in-office workplace to enhance concentration and increase physical health.

At Front Desk Office Furniture you can find all the solutions to your office furniture and design needs with us today.