Office Furniture Design Trends to Consider this Fall

Office Furniture Design Trends to Consider this Fall

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As technology evolves and studies on the correlation between office design and productivity increase, many new office furniture and design innovations are taking over workplaces.

Here are four popular office design trends to consider for your workplace this fall.

Comfortable Furniture And Design

The reign of depressing, identical cubicles with uncomfortable chairs is coming to an end.

Many offices are increasingly adopting more comfortable setups that include personalized design, ergonomic chairs, and adjustable height desks.

Office spaces featuring custom designs that reflect company values give the workplace a unique, personalized look and avoid a dull, standardized appearance.

Companies often incorporate artwork, colored wall hangings, and comfortable seating options such as sofas in break areas to help employees feel more at home. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an innovative way to integrate the outdoors and urban indoor spaces. 

Elements of nature, such as plants and wood paneling, contribute to workers’ sense of wellbeing. These positive effects on employees’ health lead to far more efficient, high-quality work in the office.

Houseplants in room corners, on desks and tables, are simple design touches that add life to a room. For first-floor offices, shrubs and trees outside next to windows have a similar enlivening effect on the office environment. 

Even ornamental plants and furniture or wall patterns that mimic the appearance of wood have similar positive effects on employees as their original counterparts. Real plants, however, have the added advantage of improving the quality of air.

Natural Lighting

An office that has plenty of windows is unsurprisingly the best way to let in natural light.

Lack of proper lighting can cause employees to feel tired and unmotivated. Regular exposure to sunlight, even through glass, combats these issues and helps workers feel awake and upbeat.

For this reason, many companies set up their main offices in rooms with large windows that allow in plenty of sunlight.

If your workplace doesn’t have a lot of windows, you can still enhance indoor lighting by keeping walls matte to maximize any sunlight. White or light-colored paint choices or decorations such as wall hangings and artworks can further enhance indoor lighting.

Flexible Office Setups

Some workplaces have a setup of multiple small, walled-off offices that keep employees apart, while others keep all employees seated around the same large table.

Both of these designs can have detrimental effects on employee productivity and wellbeing. Closed-off offices make teamwork difficult, while offices that are too open tend to be distracting.

A happy medium that many businesses are integrating into the workspace is a combination of private spaces for focus and open collaborative areas.

This way, employees can collaborate with colleagues easily while also benefiting from visiting unassigned spaces to accomplish specific tasks. A flexible setup offers the additional benefit of allowing workers to get up more often instead of sitting constantly.

Office furniture choices have a major impact on the efficiency and the well-being of employees.

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4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Office Space to Improve Company Culture

4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Office Space to Improve Company Culture

Photo of Three People Smiling While Having a Meeting

At first glance, office layout, design choices, and furniture seem to have little to do with company culture itself. After all, work takes place on computer screens, phones, and paper.

However, office design has a major influence on how companies work and whether employees thrive and remain productive. Here are four essential tips on designing the optimal office space to reinforce company culture.

Invest In Quality Furniture

Office furniture is one of the most important contributing aspects to a company’s office design. Old, poorly designed furniture can detract from the workplace by giving it a shabby, outdated appearance.

Modern, up-to-date tables, chairs, and desks add professionalism to the environment and motivate employees to work more efficiently.

Office furniture choices that increase workers’ comfort are essential to productivity, as they lead to fewer postural issues and strain that poor quality furniture can cause in sedentary workers. Standing desks provide an innovative solution to the detrimental effects that workers often experience from sitting for several hours daily.

Choose Functional Office Accessories

Even subtle changes can introduce a positive impact to designing the ideal environment for company workers.

Office accessories such as monitor arms allow for more desk space by elevating computer screens. Monitor arms enable office employees to customize the heights of their monitors accordingly.

Another helpful desk accessory to add to every desk in your company’s workspace is a mount power block, some of which include USB plugs. This important item allows for a convenient alternative to having too many wires trailing to wall outlets.

Maximize Space

An important part of improving company culture means keeping the office as tidy and open as possible.

Small, cramped office spaces give employees an unwelcoming impression. Sufficient space isn’t exclusive to large offices only. The way you organize furniture in even a small office can influence whether your workspace feels cramped or spacious.

File cabinets provide the solution to organizing papers and storing away loose items such as extra pens or pencils. Mobile options provide an easy way to move file cabinets to convenient locations for optimal office layout.

Accessories such as magnetic wire managers or adjustable frame covers help tidy up office clutter by keeping cords organized and concealed.

Match Office Layout To Company Values

Depending on the overall culture and goals of your company, you may want to consider a few different office designs.

For a job that requires a lot of teamwork, it is a good idea to incorporate a comfortable, collaborative space where employees can sit together for most of the day or for discussions and meetings.

If your company is more focused on tasks that take a lot of individual, one-on-one attention, separate, quiet workspaces are ideal for optimal office conditions.

Design choices can either detract from or add to a company’s office environment. Investing in the latest office ergonomics and creating a spacious, streamlined layout will greatly boost professionalism and improve company culture.

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Is There A Correlation Between Office Furniture & Productivity? Yes!

Is there A Correlation Between Office Furniture & Productivity? Yes!

Man Using Macbook

When you go to the office, you probably only think about your work itself. What many people may not fully realize is just how much the furnishing choices can influence productivity. Since essentials such as your desk and chair are involved in nearly every aspect of office work, it is vital to choose office furniture that optimizes comfort and enhances productivity.

Here are four ways that office furnishing choices can influence workplace productivity.

Comfortable Seating

Jobs that involve plenty of physical activity are not the only type of work that can result in injuries. Many office workers suffer from neck or back pain from poor seating. 

Some office chairs do not have a functional or comfortable design for individuals who need to sit down for hours at a time. The resulting pain and discomfort that office workers experience from low-quality office chairs unsurprisingly reducing their job efficiency. It’s important to choose high-quality Big and Tall Office Chairs have a design that provides comfort and vertebrae support for hours of work.

Standing Desks

Eight hours of sitting at a desk almost every day is a recipe for stiffness, discomfort, and even chronic pain issues. Standing desks help to break this cycle and allow employees and self-employed individuals to stretch their legs and take a break from sitting while still being able to get work done.

Standing Desks are an ideal solution, as they can serve the dual purpose of a sitting or standing desk depending on individual preferences. For extra comfort, anti fatigue mats provide a comfortable solution to aching feet or joints from standing for prolonged amounts of time.

Convenient Organization Options

Clutter is one of the most common culprits of decreased workplace productivity. A messy, disorganized environment is distracting and can lower peoples’ moods and energy levels. It can be difficult to prevent a messy desk without something to help with organization. Sometimes it seems like barely a day passes before a formerly clear surface is covered with a haphazard flood of papers.

Filing Cabinets that include drawers for small items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and paperclips as well as a drawer for folders and papers are essential. File cabinets allow for the quick, convenient organization of papers and other objects and can fit against a wall or beneath a desk for a tidier environment.


A splash of green is an excellent addition to the prevalent white, black, and wood surfaces of office furniture. A plant or some flowers in an office environment are beneficial to productivity and add to workers’ overall sense of wellbeing.

Even if you would rather not care for living plants, similar benefits are achievable with ornamental alternatives. Both living plants and artificial models can help people relax and work more efficiently.

High-quality office furniture is invaluable to boosting productivity in your workplace. Adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and accessories such as file cabinets contribute to the comfort and mental wellbeing of anyone who works in an office.

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3 Benefits of Finding the Best Ergonomic Chair for You

3 Benefits of Finding the Best Ergonomic Chair for You

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If you walk through a traditional office building, you’re likely to see ergonomic chairs at workers’ desks, and there’s a good reason for this. 

The average worker could spend eight hours or more a day sitting and completing tasks.

This adds up to hundreds of hours of sitting a year.

Ergonomic chairs provide comfort and adjustability for all these hours of work, so finding the best one is a worthwhile investment. Here’s an overview of four amazing benefits of finding the best Ergonomic Chairs for you:

1. Encourages Proper Posture

You may have had parents or teachers remind you throughout your childhood to “sit up straight.” That’s because good posture matters.

When you sit with proper posture, the muscles and bones of your core are ideally aligned. It decreases stress on spine ligaments, prevents muscular fatigue, and even promotes a more ideal appearance.

The best ergonomic chair for you encourages proper posture by keeping your spine supported and aligned. 

The chair’s height, depth, and curved back all contribute to the support it provides, so finding a great adjustable ergonomic chair can guarantee it encourages your proper posture. Plus, self adjusting mechanisms can allow them to adapt to each user’s needs.

2. Decreases Back and Neck Pain

Lower back pain and neck pain are common frustrations with workers who sit for hours at a time. This is especially true if a chair is uncomfortable or does not provide the proper support. Sitting turns into a painful hunch or slump. 

However, when you have an ergonomic chair that supports your spine through proper posture, you’ll experience fewer aches and pains. And of course, a chair with cushions or a mesh back feels much more comfortable than one with harder, unforgiving surfaces.

Consider, for example, the comfort of an ergonomic chair with built in lumbar support and a thick, molded foam contour seat. Pain becomes a thing of the past. 

3. Increases Focus and Productivity

If you’re sitting in a hard, uncomfortable chair, feeling aches and pains, you’re more likely to be distracted by your physical discomfort. You might also feel more compelled to stand up and walk around, or constantly fidget to get comfortable. 

Each new position might not be ideal for the task you need to complete, such as reading lengthy digital paperwork. Ultimately, all of this discomfort and awkward positioning keeps you from focusing and effectively completing your work. 

But with the best ergonomic chair for you, you’ll have the support and comfort you need to be productive throughout the day. You’ll be able to sit in one position longer and feel less urge to fidget or walk around. 

Plus, a great ergonomic chair adapts with your needs. With simple adjustments, you’ll have the support you need to effectively and efficiently complete each task. You’ll be more focused and your productivity will soar.

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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Office Chairs

4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Office Chairs

woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on white chair

If you’re like the typical office worker, you spend a good amount of time sitting. Whether it’s reading documents, looking at a computer screen, or talking to clients, it’s natural to stay comfortably seated throughout the work day.

But if you find yourself with some aches and pains or frequent fidgets, you’d probably benefit from a new office chair.

When you’re ready to shop for a new office chair, make sure you consider these four things:

Can the Office Chair Adjust for Different Users and Needs?

Adjustable chairs create a more personalized sitting experience. Sounds fancy? It’s not; it’s just good common sense.

No two bodies are exactly alike, so why pretend one chair fits all? Look for an office chair that you can adjust in multiple places, like the height, armrests, and seat slider. The end result will be a seat that works with your body as you sit and complete your work throughout the day.

And with a few minor adjustments, you’ll be able to find flexible seating for when you’re changing tasks and need different support.

Does the Office Chair Offer Lumbar Support?

The lower back is one of the places where people feel the most stiffness, aches, and pains as they sit for hours. Technically, the lower back is the lumbar region of the body, so when you hear that an office chair has lumbar support, that means it supports your lower spine and promotes proper posture.

Look for an office chair that keeps a natural curve of your spine and discourages a forward slouch. Adjustable lumbar support is an added benefit that will allow you to find the best curve for a posture that feels right to you.

You’ll appreciate choosing a chair that alleviates your aches and pains.

Is the Office Chair Comfortable and Breathable?

Nothing would be worse than spending good money on an ergonomic chair with adjustable support, only to find that it just isn’t comfortable once you sit on it. 

How do you know if an office chair will feel good when you’re seated? If you’re in a store, try them out. If you’re going to order online, you can still go to a store and see what materials and cushions you like best.

The most breathable chairs are made out of mesh, and memory foam cushions are a great upgrade for a supportable seat.

How Will the Chair Look in Your Office Space?

Function is usually better than form, but appearance still matters when you’re looking for a new piece of furniture. 

Once you’ve found office chairs with the features and support you need, you can narrow down your options by looking at the color and style to one that complements your office’s existing furniture and feel. 

But ultimately, don’t sacrifice a chair’s support for one that’s the right color.

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Ergonomic Chairs 101: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Ergonomic Chairs 101: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor

You’ve probably heard of ergonomic chairs. But how much do you really know about them? 

They are a useful, stylish, and affordable piece of office furniture that everyone should have in their office. But there’s a lot more to them, including their features, function, and how to use them properly.

If you want to learn more, here are 4 things about Ergonomic Chairs that you probably didn’t know:

1. “Ergonomic” Represents a Large Category of Chairs

There isn’t just one ergonomic chair. This is a large category of office chairs. The term ergonomic means that something has been designed for comfort and efficiency in the workplace. 

What does this mean for a chair? 

You’re likely to find that ergonomic chairs are both adjustable and supportive. A full range of flexible features could include seat height, arm height, recline, seat depth, swivel, wheels, head rear support, and lumbar support. 

2. There Is a Right Way to Sit in An Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is just a chair, right? So I just sit in it however I want? Not exactly.

There is a proper way to sit in an ergonomic chair. They’re meant to provide lumbar support, which means they’ll keep your spine aligned for proper posture, and decrease the aches and pains you might feel from lounging in any old chair.

To properly sit in an ergonomic chair, both your hips and knees should be at a 90 degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor and your spine against the backrest. You can adjust all of the parts of the chair to help you get to this perfect position.

3. Ergonomic Chairs May Take Time to Feel Comfortable

If you’re used to lounging and slouching, it might feel a little strange the first time you sit in a chair that’s meant to help you sit properly. After all, have you tried to transition from a slump to sitting upright? It’s different at first.

But an ergonomic chair is meant to support you, so take full advantage of the benefits of lumbar support and adjustable features. And give it some time, if it feels strange at first. Soon you’ll be sitting comfortably, with much less pain overall.

4. Ergonomic Chairs Can Be Functional, Stylish, and Affordable

Ergonomic chairs serve an incredibly important function when it comes to helping you sit properly and in comfort. But don’t think that just because they’re functional, they can’t also be stylish and fit with your office décor. And even though they have a lot of features, they can also be completely affordable.

There’s a wide range of available ergonomic chairs available, in colors and designs that will match your style. And you’re sure to find one that also fits your budget.

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