front desk used office furniture moving truck in Dallas

Fully Insured • Professional • Prompt Removal




Looking to replace or upgrade your furniture? Are you moving or going out of business?

  • WE BUY: Larger quantities by truckload, commercial grade desks, seating, files, lounge furniture, training tables, conference tables, storage cabinets, and cubicles.
  • WE DO NOT BUY: Less than 6 desks, furniture from IKEA or Staples, seating with flattened foam seat, desks with missing pulls or broken glides, older styles

Not all furniture has the ability to be re-sold. In such cases, we will give referrals to companies if need be. The companies will remove and dispose of your furniture for a fee. Send ONLY 2 or 3 pictures of your largest quantity items with an inventory of furniture pieces to buyer@frontdeskdallas.com. We will respond within 24 hours.

You will receive a written buy/sell agreement specifying the terms of the agreement and the price offered for your used office furniture if we are interested. Upon your approval, our professional, insured removal team will schedule a pickup. Payment is made by check after receipt of goods is checked. You have the choice of picking up payment or having us mail it.

Should you be selling your old furniture and would like to purchase new furniture, please see the link below to all of our new products.