front desk used office furniture moving truck in Dallas

Remodeling, Relocating, or Decommissioning Your Office?


Wondering What to Do With Your Surplus Furniture?

We Can Help

We can help your company liquidate your unneeded furniture, and help you plan for your new furniture requirements. After an inspection of your furniture, we will recommend the best disbursment to meet your needs. Most surplus furniture can be resold, recycled, refurbished or donated with a small percentage going to a landfill.


front desk used office furniture moving truck in Dallas

Fully Insured • Professional • Prompt Removal

  • On Larger Projects: Our experienced project managers, designers, and furniture teams can work with your representatives to establish a timeline and coordinate vendors to assure your decomission process goes smoothly.
  • On Smaller Lots: We do evaluate individual lots of surplus furniture for appropriate disposal. Quantity, condition, manufacturer, finish, and location are considered when determining the proper recommendation for your surplus furniture. You can receive a written quote and when accepted our professional removal crew will schedule a pickup. Payment can be picked up at our store or mailed to an address you give us.

NOTE: Residential furniture, Staples and IKEA type furniture, damaged or discolored furniture, and older style furniture has no value in the secondary market and we do not purchase.

FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Send email with several pictures of furniture with quantity and location to buyer@frontdeskdallas.com.

Should you be selling your old furniture and would like to purchase new furniture, please see the link below to all of our new products.