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Modular workstation, Knoll Morrison, 8x8, 64" Tall Knoll Morrison product is flexible for the workspace with a lot of storage. Neutral grey finishes. This is shown in a 8 x 8 typical; with the Currents spine it can be flexible in 6x6; 6x8, or 8x6 to fit your needs for the full office space,

Available: 100


Modular workstation, Steelcase Montage 7'6" x7'6", 55" Tall Steelcase Montage is a contemporary tiled product that gives you seated privacy, plenty of storage with neutral finishes and free standing surfaces and a mobile pedestal.

Available: 20


Modular workstation, Interra 6x6, Pre-owned

Available: 68


Modular workstation, Kimball Cetra 9 x 13, 81" Tall, cherry veneer trim, doors and surfaces. This serves as a private office but is a workstation and can be flexible and moved around as needed. Each station shown is a 9'x13' with a u-shape of surfaces and ample storage. Sizes can vary due to your needs. Contact us today for more detail on the Kimball Cetra product with a door! There is also 68" tall matching product.

Available: 50


Modular workstation, Kimball Cetra 8'x8', 68" Tall Each Kimball Cetra stations has plenty of storage and upgraded cherry wood trim. Very nice upgraded transitional look for your offices space.

Available: 50


Modular workstation, Haworth Premise Enhanced 4 x 4, 49" Tall Haworth Premise Enhanced Serpentine stations give a fun look to your layout for your space with accents of glass in each station. This typical has an extended corner surface with a BBF, pelican drawer, power and glass stackers

Available: 59


Modular workstation, Steelcase 6' x 6', can be set up as a pod of 8 which will include 1 base feed, or a run of 2 or more, or a stand alone cubicle

Available: 198


Modular workstation, Steelcase 6' x 6',

Available: 2

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