This gray fabric bar chair features a ringed foot rest, height adjustment and padded seat and back. Also, this stool is designed for looks and comfort and is sure to compliment any space.


3 stools surrounding a table

This modern, innovative stool is floor based and is a great option for bar height tables, or sit to stand desks. Also, the contemporary blend of white and orange give this stool a fresh look.


Modern dining room

Walnut and white are a color combination you can’t go wrong with. For instance, these residential inspired bar chairs feature a fabric covered seat and back, with a sturdy walnut frame. In addition, its a good option for break rooms or accent seating.


Dim lit bar

These polished acrylic chairs are a great break room option. For example, this line does offer a matching chair to complete a room.


White stools at a bar

These simple white stools feature a scoop back, monochromatic frame, and a minimalist look. Perfect for pairing with two toned break room furniture, these stools will allow your statement furniture to stand out.


Black Stools at office desk

With a breathable mesh back and sleek black base, this drafting stool is perfect for sit to stand desks or bar height tables. In addition, it offers a footrest and curved arms for comfort throughout the work day.


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White laminate with a natural wood tone edge banding gives a modern edge to this minimalist break room chair. Available in a dark wood laminate as well, this is a great staple for an elevated break room or meeting area.


White seats at black table

With a high back and clean white laminate, this is a break room stool that will never go out of style. A great option for gray and silver tabling, as shown, this stool is going to be your new favorite piece of furniture.


Short Black Stools at white table

If you want to create a more relaxed meeting area, where employees can collaborate and have space to work separately, consider shorter chairs around whiteboards. For example, this can create a much needed change of scenery that can encourage enthusiasm and participation.


Black and Red Stools at white desk

These drafting stools feature a mesh back with lumbar support, molded foam seat, and the option of black or color seat. Furthermore, this can be a great choice for an accent of color in a stark room.


Colorful Stools in lounge area

Try color coordinating your stools with your walls! This bright space features blue, green and gray floor stools that create a fun and cohesive space.


Still looking for the perfect chair? Here are some other styles we recommend: