Sit to Stand Desks

Below are eight different sit to stand desks that offer a wide variety of styles best fitted to your office needs. Also, many of our options are adjustable for each user in order to optimize the best of your office space. 

Black Sit to Stand desk against white wall

#N1: If you aren’t ready to invest in a full sit to stand desk yet, try another option. This one is a platform that will sit on your current desk. It still supports monitor arms, accessories, and is adjustable.


3 people at a Sit to Stand Desk

#N2: With having variable height desks in a group setting, it will give employees more options. One of the options is that they will have the freedom to choose which height to work at. 


3 chairs around Brown Sit to Stand Desk

#N3: Use an L shaped adjustable height desk in front of a storage credenza to create two different levels of work area.


Striped Sit to Stand Desk in office area

#N4: If you like the idea of an adjustable height desk, but aren’t crazy about the open area underneath, we have the ability to put a desk shell with an adjustable height top.


Sit to Stand desks in an office

#N5: Here you can see the electric base of a sit to stand desk. This is our best seller for adjustable height desks.


Tan Sit to Stand Desk in office area

#N6:Add a modesty panel to your desk, it adds interest to a basic frame and can help hide wire management.


3 Sit to Stand desks near a window

#N7: Use adjustable height desks next to a storage credenza to ensure your employees have enough storage but the flexibility of a sit to stand desk.


2 people around Sit to Stand Desk

#N8: Accent your white and silver furniture with a pop of color, such as this lime green next to a white adjustable height desk.


Still looking for the perfect desk? Here are some other styles we recommend: