Mesh Back Chairs

Below are ten differing styles of a netted back chair. Also, the chairs come in different colors than just the standard and classic black. While black works seamless with many offices, we wanted to offer other colors as well, such as white, grey, blue, or even a different patterned seat. 

This office chair features a sleek vinyl seat and silver breathable mesh on a supportive frame. With adjustable arms and a chrome base, this chair offers style and functionality.


White Mesh Back Chair at a desk

Try an updated version of a mesh office chair with this two toned white and blue office chairs. The blue is subtle but unexpected and the white keeps this chair contemporary.


A classic, this chair boasts a curved back and molded foam seat for comfort.


This chair offers multiple adjustments, such as adjustable arms, lumbar support, and seat tilt.


Black Mesh Chair in front of brown desk

Our best-selling mesh back chair, this desk chair promises comfort throughout a long workday and breathability in addition to a molded foam seat for ultimate contentment.


Black Mesh Chairs in study area

These nesting chairs are great for training rooms as they are able to fold and nest beside one another to conserve space.


Black Mesh Chairs around small brown table

Nesting chairs can also be used in smaller private offices.


White Mesh Chairs around large desk

This gray and white mesh is a great alternative to the classic black, for a more modern look but keeping the same comfort level.


These chairs come in the classic black as opposed to the gray and white mesh. The chairs offer the same comfort levels as the gray and white mesh.

Grey Mesh Chair in minimalist room

Boasting a textured fabric seat and silver mesh, this office chair is a modern staple to today’s office.


Still looking for the perfect chair? Here are some other styles we recommend: