Filing Cabinets

Here are the three different styles that we currently offer for this piece of business furniture. With the three styles that we have, it also is dependent on what your office space needs to be the most efficient. Also, which storage container you need is relative to if you need storage and work space, or only storage space. In addition, there are a variation of painted metals, heights, and if the container are vertical or horizontal to select from. Also, if you are struggling with what filing cabinet you need to make most efficient of your space, read this article that talks you through how to choose a storage cabinet that will fit every need you have.

Light gray filing cabinets in office

This filing cabinet is great for two reasons. Firstly, you would be able to use it as both storage and as work space. Secondly, it gives you that additional storage space without sacrificing any space. This lateral filing cabinet set is perfect for smaller offices. In addition, it is great for when your furniture needs do double duty. 


Gray file cabinets in office space

This specific line of filing cabinets features both light gray metals, plus a honey laminate top. This mixture of the two materials will complement any existing furniture that exists in your office already. 

File Cabinets in an Open Office

These sturdy metal cabinets are available as lateral or vertical cabinets. Available in a selection of painted metal and heights, we have what you need for your office space.


Still looking for the perfect storage piece? Here are some other styles we recommend: