New Office Cubicles

At Front Desk Office Furniture we offer many different styles of cubicles that will fit any need you have for your office space. Whether you need it to be easy to navigate, open-plan concept, or a more traditional cubicle look – we have all!

Cubicles in an Office

Featuring a mixture of glass and fabric panels, this cubicle setup boasts table work surfaces and private offices in a small space.


Cubicles overlooking a window

For large open spaces, consider acrylic panels instead of traditional cubicles. For instance, these light desk mounted panels give visible privacy and won’t impact your space.


Cubicles in an Office

Mobile screens are a great way to prioritize social distancing without making any permanent investments.


Cubicles overlooking a window

Acrylic panels between desks are a sleek modern way to implement social distancing in your business. 

Cubicles in an open room

Adjustable height desks have been very popular for cubicles in the last few years. More so, give employees the option of sitting or standing even if they have a small space to work within.


Three Cubicles Overlooking a Window

12 inch acrylic panels give these workstations privacy without cutting into any natural light. Further, tapered legs and smooth laminate surfaces give these modern pods elegance and efficiency.


Cubicles in an Office

Consider doing fabric desk mounted panels instead of acrylic. For example, the fabric covered panels help impact noise more than acrylic and is a more budget friendly option than traditional cubicles.


Multiple Cubicles Grouped Together

For classic fabric cubicles, consider updating them with glass panels at the top. This allows more natural light and creates a more modern look for the office.


A Black Chair near a Cubicle

If you use table desks with panels, one option can be adding storage underneath the work surface. Above all, taking advantage of the usable space under table desks helps with limited space while still giving your employees everything they need.


4 Cubicles pushed Together

This set up allows each employee to have their own individual storage, along with spacious tabling and modern finishes.


4 Black Cubicles in an X Pattern

Another alternative to the traditional cubicle is taking desk shells and returns that are typical of reception desks. For example, this creates a streamlined look while keeping the same color of laminate throughout.


Multiple Cubicles Near Each Other

Using 120 degree desks can be a great way to create more space for employees. For example, here you can see there is space for two chairs on each end of this pod.


A Brown Cubicle Overlooking a Window

This honey and silver pod features acrylic panels for a lighter look that does not require these panels to be soundproofing. In addition, the panels are available in different colors and finishes, making these truly a custom office furniture piece to have.


2 White Cubicles Near Each Other

With a low storage credenza and rectangular laminate table top, this L-shaped pod is able to provide enough workspace without overwhelming a smaller space. Stating that, the metal legs create the illusion of more space and the clean lines lend a modern look to any space.


Multiple Cubicles in an Office

This setup is great for training areas or individual workstations. Having just the panels in between the seating offers privacy without feeling closed in.


Multiple Cubicles in an Office

Great for casual workstations or smaller spaces, you can have two table desks in a pod that won’t take up the whole room. Also, the acrylic panels can be a bit taller than the standard to offer more privacy.


Workstations in Office Environment

Circular chrome bases add elegance to this workstation, along with modern two toned laminate. Simarily, with the option of changing finishes and details, this setup can work in any space.


Four Brown Cubicles in an Office

When you don’t need privacy but would like a small demarcation of space, consider a shorter panel. In doing so, this will divide space, without impacting any lighting.


Two Differing Height Adjacent Workstations

Offering height adjustable desks and classic cubicles, this is a great example of the traditional office being updated. For example, more and more businesses are switching to sit to stand work surfaces to promote employee health and happiness.


Workstations in Office with Storage

Low credenzas offer storage as well as additional seating by adding a cushion to the top.


Two Adjacent Cubicles in Office

Also, adjustable height desks can be used with the more modern acrylic panels as well since these are mounted to the worksurface.


Two Adjacent Workstations in Office

Fabric panels are a great way to customize a workstation. In addition, many colors are available and they can help with sound more so than acrylic.


Multiple Workstations in Office Space

Modern gray and white benching is at the top of office furniture trends at the moment. Although, with over 10 finishes of laminate to choose from, this unit can be customized for what you need.


Two Workstations by Each Other

For an updated look on the classic cubicle panels, consider perforated metal panels. For example, these give the space an industrial chic look while still giving the privacy of cubicles.


Work Spaces in Office Area

This unit boasts storage, individual tackboards, and streamlined workspace. The setup offers complete visible privacy for independent projects.


Four Work Stations in Office

Black, white, and red will never go out of style. Just look at our logo! However, if these cubicles aren’t in your color scheme, you should know that this line has over 10 patterns and colors to choose from.


Modern glass desk panels offer a sense of privacy without cutting into any lighting.


Cherry and white laminate combine to create workstations that offer easy to reach power, modern acrylic panels, and industrial metal legs.


Classic black and gray cubicles get updated with glass panels and different heights.


With modern white laminate and patterned fabric cubicles, these modern workstations offer peninsula workstations and mobile pedestals.


Adjustable fabric panels can be coordinated with mobile pedestal pads to create a cohesive office look that is modern without sacrificing efficiency.


A light airy feeling can be achieved by using glass panels and light fabric with white laminate. Most importantly, gone are the dark cubicles of the past, we’ve seen the future and it’s bright!


Multiple Work Stations in an Office

White metal and beige fabric combine to create a streamlined, neutral look that will work with any flooring or paint color.


Cubicle Panels with Glass

Use top glass panels for a modern look that still offers height.


For panel mounted storage, go for a modern sleek look in monochrome gray or black for a streamlined unit.


If you aren’t a fan of white desks, dark surfaces can be mixed with lighter finishes to create a look that is still modern and fresh.


A clean, modern look is created by combining fabric and glass panels. That is to say, this enables all employees to get enough natural lighting throughout the day and encourages independent projects.


Rustic wood finishes and a modern combination of beige and black creates a neutral workstation that will blend into any space seamlessly.


This cubicle station boasts modern finishes and glass accents to create a contemporary look without sacrificing convenience.


A modular workstation creates modern curves while still using a classic cubicle panel system.


Two Workstation in Office Cubicle

Two toned cubicle panels modernize this cubicle station, while floating work surfaces offer the option of storage underneath.


Multiple Work Stations in Office Area

Tapered legs and a striped gray work surface create a contemporary workstation with customizable fabric panels.