The Front Desk Office Furniture approach to conference tables is only limited by your imagination. Flexibility in the workspace is all about options. We offer a variety of tables styles and sizes to support any type of activity. From conference tables to collaborative tables, to private offices Front Desk offers all you need to support a productive work environment.  

Open office setting with meeting room

#NTCON-2: Create a meeting area by pushing a conference table up to the wall and arranging chairs around. Many finishes available.


Dry erase glass table in office

#NTCON-3: Constantly doodling at work? Now you can draw during meetings as well! This dry erase, white glass table is the perfect collaboration space. Also, it gives you the flexibility to visually explain your ideas to like minds.


#NTCON-7: This boat shape conference table is a perfect staple for a mid size conference room.


#NTCON-9: This live edge curved conference table is a unique, one of a kind piece that is still functional!


Unique Table 10



Unique Table 11