Below we have five options for ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed to minimize discomfort for the person sitting, and offer multiple adjustments for ultimate comfort. Many of our styles offer mesh for breathability while sitting and different adjustments for what will best suit your needs. Another plus is an adjustable lumbar support to help with posture for long work days ahead.

#NOER-1: This mesh chair features a high back ergonomic design, breathable mesh, adjustable arms, and a padded headrest for ultimate comfort. The unique curve of the back will support your natural spinal curvature and help you maintain posture throughout the workday.


Ergonomic Chair in Room

#NOER-2: This padded mid back chair features height adjustment, adjustable arms, seat tilt, and easy to reach paddles for durability and comfort. Designed with full workdays in mind, this chair is guaranteed to provide you with quality and ease.


Ergonomic Chair at Desk in Office with green seat

#NOER-3: A take on the well-known task chair, this chair boasts a breathable mesh back, molded foam seat in a variety of colors, and multiple adjustments to fit different heights of users. This ergonomic chair is perfect for adding a pop of color to your office with its variety of colors!


Two Chairs Seated at Table with Laptops

#NOER-4: With a high mesh back and different adjustments, this chair can function as both a desk chair and conference table chair. The molded foam seat can be bought in a variety of different colors. The supportive plastic frame offers necessary lumbar support throughout the day.


Black ergonomic padded chair in office

#NOER-5: A classic look of an ergonomic chair, this mesh chair features two separate pieces for adjustable lumbar support. Adjustable arms and height adjustment offer accommodations for both short and tall users.


Still looking for the perfect office chair?

 Here are some other styles we recommend: