#NTCOF-1: An expressive collection of occasional tables that delight in the interplay between mixed materials, shapes, and scales. This product is universally appealing to complement a wide array of office furniture designs. With four heights to select from, in addition to a multitude of widths and surface options, they make any room come to life.


#NTCOF-2: A slim black base and a variety of rustic wood finishes give warmth to this occasional table. Created to offer a retreat from the modern world, this table harkens back to classic roots. Stating that, there are many finishes available to blend with existing furniture.


#NTCOF-3: Side tables fitting in a contemporary office furniture environment with straight lines and clean finishes. Available in a variety of metal, laminate and wood veneer finishes.


#NTCOF-4: An angular metal base and thick gray laminate create a coffee table set that will be the focal point in any waiting room.


Lounge area with coffee table

#NTCOF-5: This clear glass coffee table lends elegance and modern polish to guest seating. With a brushed silver X-base and contemporary circular top, this end table will accent any modern commercial office furniture well.


Glass coffee table in room

#NTCOF-6: You only need a simple piece to accent existing lounge furniture. Stating that, this complementing circular base and top creates this symmetrical glass coffee table needed for that.


Two tables in open room

#NTCOF-7: This white table gives a clean, polished finish to any commercial office furniture. In addition, this will be a modern contemporary piece in your office space.


Lounge area in office

#NTCOF-8: This curved metal base and  glass tops give these tables a light airy feel. Also, this will blend with any pattern or color of reception seating.


Coffee table in lounge area

#NTCOF-9: This coffee table features fabric-covered sides with a laminate top that gives a relaxed feel to the shared space. Because of this, the coffee table becomes a part of a modern office furniture series for cohesive meeting spaces.


Three tables in open area

#NTCOF-10: Lastly, this coffee table set is supported by a rustic wood base with a glass top, creating a modern juxtaposition of natural elements.


Still looking for the perfect table? Here are some other styles we recommend: