#NLR-1: This desk has a bold look that will be the center of attention in your workspace. The desk has clean lines. This desk is perfect for any office, retail store, nail salon, bank, and much more.

#NLR-2: This modern L-shaped reception desk offers a curved transaction top and rectangular base, with matching storage.

#NLR-3: This modern reception desk features laminate work surfaces that will resist scratches, stains and spills.

#NLR-4: Make a stunning first impression by greeting guests with the curved glass top reception desk. An ADA-height return will allow you to effectively help all guests as they enter the space.

#NLR-5: This elegant desk Comes in a variety of styles of front desk and retail reception desks that combine storage functionality, great looks, and secure and confidential performance. Available in many sizes.

#NLR-6: This desk offers contemporary solution for reception areas.‎ Fulfils all the criteria of a functional workplace and in addition makes a high-quality and aesthetic overall impression.‎

#NLR-7: This espresso desk offers ergonomic and ease to transform modules, adapting to the space available.‎ Offers a combination of six different laminate and acrylic finishes.

#NLR-8: The modular desk that makes up the reception area allows for numerous variations of the welcoming space.‎ These are available in different sizes and finishes.

#NLR-9: Offering a warm and dynamic welcome is crucial for a company.‎ Which is why this line has devised a reception system which becomes an emotional furnishing element, of your company’s style.

#NLR-10: Want a unique memorable reception desk to wow your clients then take notice of the maple and gray designer look we can build for you.

#NLR-11: A white reception desk with clean lines is a simple statement piece for any reception area.

#NLR-12: The modern overlay design gives life to a harmonic, special, customized workspace, that can boost personal wellbeing and efficient work.‎

#NLR-13: This is a reception desk with a versatile character.‎ Can be used in different ways to adapt each reception to the environment.‎

#NLR-14: Reception Desk w/glass floating top, 48″ . Perfect for smaller reception areas without giving up the design and modern look you want.

#NLR-15: The natural and inviting materials draw you in while finely crafted details take center stage. Optional glass countertops and impeccable quality.

#NLR-16: As they say “You only get one chance to make the first impression.” These reception desks will leave a memorable and welcoming introduction to your space.

#NLR-17: This contemporary curved desk boasts a glazed acrylic panel, and a light gray laminate finish. Also, its available in multiple finishes.

#NLR-18: We also have the option of using acrylic panels to support a transaction top. In addition, this desk features frosted acrylic panels and espresso laminate.

#NLR-19: Espresso and laminate create a clean look for this modern reception desk.

#NLR-20: New great low price and stocked in quantity! This L shape reception desk is 72×72″ and comes in Grey, White, and Espresso

#NLR-21: With the option of a removable arm, this guest chair can be used in twos or just one, as pictured.

#NLR-22: Royal blue vinyl gives this classic guest chair a modern look.

#NLR-23: Use streamlined seating with storage and tables in the same color to create a modern look to a space.

#NLR-24: The wooden base of these chairs provide a unique look and allow you to easily tie-in your coffee table.

#NLR-25: Round table classic traditional look for your lounge space? This couch also has matching love seat and club chair options.

#NLR-26: Use easy chairs as a focal point in a seating area.

#NLR-27: The wooden base of these chairs provide a unique look and triangle table.

#NLR-28: Dark gray with list colored guest chairs are a classic piece that will blend with any style of furniture.

#NLR-29: Featuring a modern angular gary and light yellow, this lounge seating is a great option for modern reception areas and casual meeting spaces.

#NLR-30: Lounge chairs with rounded shell are a comfortable sit with wood legs.

#NLR-31: Whether it’s time for a cozy exhale or for a relaxed work session away form your desk, this lounge furniture adds the element of choice ton open offices.

#NLR-32: Create spaces to collaborate, alcoves to unwind or inviting office environments. This series offers it all for you.

#NLR-33: Comfortable & strong, our office lounge seating ranges include relaxing armchairs with ottomans & contemporary wooden framed chairs. Improve your sitting experience by using dead space to create inviting areas for visitors to wait or for co-worker meetings.

#NLR-34: This line has fully upholstered modular chairs gives you a huge range of layout options for any guest seating area, from reception areas to clinical waiting areas and more.

#NLR-35: This chair offers a foam padding seat cushion, covered in smooth gray vinyl and accented with chrome legs.

#NLR-36: Inviting, ergonomic & posture friendly for any seating area.

#NLR-37: This upholstered lounge chair will look great in any room. It is upholstered in a soft touch fabric.

#NLR-38: A contemporary, freestanding lounge collection that embraces the current trend of a relaxed sit, with styling toward residential aesthetics.

#NLR-39: At the heart of the any area are these finely tailored lounge chairs, available in four finishes with polished chrome bases.

#NLR-40: These high design modern chairs with chrome accents are fully upholstered with an attractive frame.

#NLR-41: This heavy duty and comfortable chair has a choice of an armless or a fixed arm. Weight capacities from 300-500 pounds.

#NLR-42: These blue upholstered mid back guest chairs are perfect for anyone seeking additional seating. Has a professional appearance along with a sturdy sled base metal leg.

#NLR-43: A contemporary, yet retro series featuring sculpted seat and back cushions.

#NLR-44: Contemporary styled standard Guest Chair is fully upholstered with a refined exposed-leg design, perfect for upgrading your reception area or office.

#NLR-45: An elegant presentation with timeless appearance.

#NLR-46: Functionality and simplicity meet beauty and finesse. This timeless lounge series with elevated details that is versatile enough to fit perfectly into any environment.

#NLR-47: Gray side chairs.

#NLR-48: This walnut and white reception desk is a great modern option for any office!

#NLR-49: Espresso and laminate create a clean look for this modern reception desk.