At Front Desk Office Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of cubicles to fit your office space needs. Whether you’re looking for an open-plan concept, easy-to-navigate style, or a more traditional look – we have them all!

Three Cubicles Overlooking a Window

#NC-1:This workspace includes 12-inch acrylic panels, tapered legs, and smooth laminate surfaces to give your workspace a modern look.


Cubicles in an open room

#NC-2: With a low storage credenza and rectangular laminate tabletop, this L-shaped pod provides enough workspace without being overwhelming. The metal legs create an illusion of extra space and the clean lines lend a modern look.


Cubicles in an Office

#NC-3:Consider fabric desk-mounted panels instead of acrylic. The fabric-covered panels help impact noise and are more budget-friendly than traditional cubicles.


Multiple Cubicles Grouped Together

#NC-4: For classic fabric cubicles, updating with glass panels at the top creates a sleek and sophisticated look. This creates more natural light in the workspace and adds a modern touch to your office.


Workstations in Office Environment

#NC-5: Circular chrome bases add elegance to this workstation, along with modern two-toned laminate. With the option of changing finishes and details, this setup can work in any space.


Two Adjacent Workstations in Office

#NC-6: Fabric panels are a great way to customize a workstation. In addition, many colors are available and can help with sound more so than acrylic.


Work Spaces in Office Area

#NC-7: This unit boasts storage, individual tack boards, and a streamlined workspace. The setup offers complete visible privacy for independent projects.


#NC-8: Classic black and gray cubicles get updated with glass panels and different heights.


Multiple Work Stations in an Office

#NC-9: White metal and beige fabric combine to create a streamlined, neutral look that works with any flooring or paint color.